You fantasize about me wearing my strap-on, don't you?  You wish you could come home and find me standing there, in the living room, wearing only a smile and a large cock that has your name all over it.  You'd love to drop to your knees, down close to my fragrant pussy, and take my shaft into your slutty mouth.  Licking and sucking and rapidly stiffening in your pants.  I then direct you to unzip, drop em, and bend over as I slowly enter you from behind....slipping my 8 inches inside of you, slowly entering...plunging in deep and steadily, filling you up.  My tits on your back, my hands on your hips.....I start to pound you harder..............


So, I'm sick of paying out my ass for owning an Adult Merchant Account....which I've had for over 20 years but the bastards keep raising my I closed my account for processing my own credit cards.  I am still however on NiteFlirt, soooo, for the time being, I shall collect your funds from there!~ See my listings

My Website

Hi sluts and slaves.  Yes, I am still around, my website I guess has been having some issues here and there, but hopefully all is remedied.  I am in the process of moving into a new house and I haven't been paying attention to it!  Or my phones too, ha, but I'll be back around soon.  I'm moving in this coming monday! 

Mistress Samantha

Phyto Estrogen

Here you go sissy herbal phyto estorgen extract to add estrogen to your body.  Black Cohosh and Dong Quai are some of the main ingredients.  Maybe you'll grow breasts and shrink up that little clit, making it EVEN smaller than it is now!  haha


Spring Thing

I think our warmer weather here on the East Coast is finally here!  I also think warmer weather means harder cocks, at least that's what I've noticed in the past!  Sooo, having said that, here's a little teaser and celebratory colorful pussy picture for you!  ;-)

Jerkin it off!

Cocks Cumming

A snowy day here on the East Coast....which always gets me searching the Internet for pictures of hot squirting cumming cocks!  I'm sharing!