African Pay Bitch

I've known my African Pay Bitch for several years now.  He comes around often, looking for me to rape his Credit Card!  But it's expired!  He's afraid to give me the new info in fear of me just taking it all!  haha 

He's living in Dakar west Africa, and will get massively raped by me tonight!  He just sent me a second Amazon gift cert.  Check out his note to me on the gift card.  He was afraid to send it, in fear that the Amazon people would see it!  Hahahaha!  I said GOOD!  Let them!  Stupid fucking Pay bitch! 

You will give me to me whore.  You will bow down to me, and remain a good Cuck.  My boyfriend is coming over tonight and we're going to shop on Amazon and buy stuff from your spendings!  He will pick out something he likes, (hopefully it's some nice lingerie for me!)

Here is a picture for you to worship, and weaken ever more so.  You will submit more, and give more.  You know it's my birthday in a few days, and there's always lots that I want!  Be a good slave for your Mistress.

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