man panties

Would you wear these?

Buy them here on Amazon!  Send me a pic of you wearing them!

Cum on my Panties!

I sold a pair of panties to a caller of mine several years back from my main website.  He recently sent me a chat message on Nite Flirt showing me that he still had my panties!  Well, today he pulled them out and came all over them.  All over the spot where my pussy was.  Nice!  Good job, K!  So much cum.  Mmmmmm.  So sloppy.  Love it.

Mistress Samantha


Hey sluts....I'm heading into NYC this weekend, Nov 2nd.  Won't be around for calls.  Behave yourselves.  

Mistress Samantha


Now this is one small penis! I just came across this photo on my computer!. Actually, it was tucked away in an external drive that has sat on my desk for years!  Oh, that little tiny penis.  I wonder if it EVER gets to see a real pussy!  Probably just a hand, actually, when it's in the hand, we are sure not to see it!  haha  Soooo tiny!  Is yours this tiny??  Is this your penis?!  I have no idea who it belongs to, but I do know someone sent it to me!  haha

Phone Session with Joanie

Since YouTube closed down my account for playing ONLY audio clips of my callers.....I'm now running them on a PodCast with Sound Cloud.  We'll see how long they'll allow me.  Anyway, heeeere's Joanie!

Little Bitches

Are you dreaming of large cocks today?  I know I am!  

Catching Up

I have to say, it's been pretty awesome catching up with some of my old callers who have found me recently on Nite Flirt! Good to hear your voices again!
Phone Sex -- let's do it!