My schedule has changed lately, and I've not been around for my phones during my typical times (if that even exists, ha), but here's a hint into when you might be able to reach me.

Monday/Thursday/Friday/Sat/Sun  10am to midnight EST

Tuesday / Wednesday  - 7pm to midnight EST


Tits n Pussy

For Bill, keep stroking it! 

Stroker Boys

Why is it that I do so love to hear you stroke that cock for me?  Getting it all wet, and slick....and slapping that piece of meat for me!  I love little perverts, horny and needing to cum for their Mistress.  It's all good! 

Here, stroke to this, but you are NOT allowed to cum!  Always remember that I am the one that controls that cock.  You're too weak.

The naming of sissy penny

Aww, little slutty sissy penny gets a new name! Listen to my recording of it!


I'll be away on vacation soon, and I thought it'd be fun if while I was away, payments were made by my Cuckold purchasing a beer for my lover.  Every time a payment is made, he'll get a nice cold one!  That'll for sure make him happy and I'm sure there'll be lots of fucking going on too!  Happy Vacation to ME!! 


23 Days until my Birthday! 

I am going away the end of September for 2 weeks to Italy.  I need some items for my trip.  Be a good whore, and go shopping on my wishlist for my Birthday!!  I'll be with my lover, in Italy.....getting this pussy fucked, so I should have lots of sexy stuff to bring with me!

Mistress Samantha


This is a message to my caller Howard.........who paid for a call last month, and was waiting for an email from me, to call back and get started, but your email bounced on me.....and it's still bouncing on me!  I just tried again, and I've been trying to get in touch, didn't want you thinking I just took your money and ran!....even though I know you would never think that!  ;-)


PS:  This was one of the pics I had sent you. 

The Worthless Penis

As I've said before, I've been taking phone calls for almost 15 years now, and I know the purpose I serve.  I know of the dismay, the kink, the horniness..........and the dysfunction.   This is an essay from a long time caller of mine:

Dearest Samantha,

You have been the object of my lust for years now, and I soak in the glory of having my entire sexual identity dominated by your command. We have discussed that I am an inferior male. While my body is tall,  muscular and tight, there is a defect. My reproductive system is a colossal failure -- a rejection by nature of my genes. It is a message and a command that I not reproduce. I must wear the recognition with shame between my legs.

And I've come to be tickled at the idea. It makes me so horny to know my place. To be safe from jockeying with the alpha males. My time and energies are much better spent socializing with women and leaving the fucking up to alpha males. For you, mistress, there is a different affection. I owe you the gratitude of giving me your attention
woman with your sex appeal --- those long legs and slippery parts all glistening -- is to be worshipped by many men.

I used to dabble in this fantasy, until I learned that I have hypospadias -- a dysfunctional penis hole on the underside of the head. It happens in about one in 200 men. The urine dribbles out. So does semen.

Now this alone would be bad enough, but it's in addition to a trifecta of inferior maleness: a small penis, tiny testicles and watery semen. It's just science. Nature doesn't want my genes to continue. It has effectively castrated me.
t's a blow to the ego. I can see why people seek out sensual domination when they finally come to the realization that they are not fit for sexual intercourse. They want a soft coach to tell them, "It's OK to be horny, just not with anyone else. Help society by draining yourself. Let my hand guide yours up and down the shaft. Go ahead. Get. AaaLLLLLLL of it out. Do it for me. Gooood boy!"

12:03 AMThat's what inferior men seek. And it makes sense. It just occurred to me that I accept myself as one of those people. I officially give up on ever trying to fuck anyone. And I do it for my mistress. I feel a pride like reverence or patriotism when I drain myself for you, abiding by the rule that not all men can pass along their chromosomes for another generation. Some must recognize their place. They must resign from sex pridefully and for the good of mankind.

Toilet Slave

The Toilet Slave, forever begging to submit to his beautiful Mistress.  Hungry for all that is to come from her perfect mound. The ultimate offering. You will submit to my beauty. You shall lay under my perfect cunt ready to service me. I may coat you, spray you and soak you in my hot golden nectar. I shall straddle your face, hovering just above. The view will leave you in a state of anticipation with your cock throbbing and my slick lips parted, moist and looking incredibly delicious. I shall place these pouty lips directly upon your mouth, open wide Slave, this Mistress may have a treat for you.  Mmmm, beg to drink me, beg to be my little toilet slave. All color showers if need be my little whore. Slide your head down and between my crotch and open wide, slip your tongue deep inside me, feel the steaming hot flush of my sweet wet pussy gush into your mouth. You will serve me whenever I need. You will act as my ass wipe, I will no longer use toilet paper, as I will have you. Open wide slut, and thank me for your treat. I will use you as a party toilet!  Oh yes, for all my girlfriends, and who knows, maybe even other guests. You will exist only to serve me as I so command, as for this is what creates and fulfills the role of the Toilet Slave.


Oral Worship

A little treat for the this summer nears the end.  Speaking of ends......I need mine licked!

The I.R.S.

Hi there, as I was just telling my Norway Slave, it seems I've created a $2500 IRS bill, and I'm creating a post about it for an obvious reason........I want help in paying it.  We can't have me going to jail now, can we!  haha, NO, that's MY fantasy for you sluts, not ME!  You should be the ones bent over in jail, not me.  Silly, yes.

Anyway, like a good Domme and strict Mistress, I'm taking donations to pay off my bill.  Click the links below to be taken to my own merchant account, that I've had now for 13 years.  It's safe, it's secure, it's discreet, and it'll help ME bigtime!

And, if you prefer to only make Nite Flirt payments, go to my tributes page here.


I love the idea of you going out on a hot date, and it turns out she's got herself a sexy cock between her legs! Oh what a surprise that'd turn out to be! I think it'd be even more sexy if say.....I knew her, and I set you up on the date....and I knew the evening would end-up with you and your slutty little lips wrapped around her gorgeous shaft! I don't believe you'd be able to resist that luscious cock beneath her sexy lace panties. You'll see her garter belt and black lace thigh-highs peaking out from under that short skirt, and then as you slide your fingers underneath and up her thigh you're greeted with a fat throbbing shaft, dripping wet with anticipation, creating a big wet spot in her panties! Aaaah, yes, you'd be on your knees begging for her to fuck your face, and then maybe even slip it in your horny little pussy, you know she'll want access to that tight hole!

I know a lot of my callers LOVE Trannys, and so do I! I'm a lover of cock, and while I prefer it on a man, finding a hot dick on a hot lady is second best in my book! Check out this's free little movies! (thanks Peter for the link)

Go watch them, and call me to finish the fantasy/job. heh heh

And another that I just came across

Stroking for me

Summertime, I believe, brings out some extra horniness, doesn't it?  All you dirty little stoker boys calling me up, with your hands on your cocks........hungry and ready to blow off a big load.  I still love to hear you cum.  I still love to make you cum.

Who is feeling naughty today?   Hmmmm?

Rules of Slave Etiquette

Rules of Slave Etiquette:

1. Listen to the Lady
2. Obey the Lady.
3. Use all your physical and mental capacity in the service of the Lady.
4. Be happy in your work. Do whatever the Lady asks with joy in your heart.
5. Be patient. It is the Lady's perogative to keep you waiting.
6. Be humble.
7. Do not try to manipulate the Lady.
8. Do not bother the Lady unnecessarily.
9. Speak honestly and from the heart.
10. Be realistic.
11. Be truly submissive! Let the Lady take you over completely.
12. Be Loyal and Dependable.
13. Always offer your services if you can be of help.
14. Try not to draw attention to yourself.
15. Be Polite and Courteous.
16. Hold your temper and your tongue.
17. Do not neglect your Lady; slaves are there to provide amusement and interesting conversation for the Lady.
18. Be honest when you have done something to be ashamed of.
19. Take Your punishment.
20. Lady is First, Last and always your main focus!


Pantyhose, for slutty Katherine!

Katherine, because I'm so proud of your buying new blue panties, and stockings, THIS picture is for you!

Nite Flirt

I have several recordings on Nite Flirt, if you happen to be a member.  This recording is my top listened to.  Hmmm,'s about eating your own cum!

Have a little listen, cum whore!

Call Button


Happy rainy Monday least it's rainy here, where I live!

Here's some hot snatch to worship and dream about.  To admire and desire.  Full service is always appreciated (and expected).

Call me up, and lets chat.  ;-)

Mistress Samantha


Jilly used to be a caller of mine, and he sent me one of my absolute favorite pictures!  I'm sharing because *I* find it HOT!  He came in his panties........that dirty whore!  What a MESS!

Hot Pussy

My Site was DOWN

Yes, my website was down this weekend.....for I forgot to renew my domain name!  I was too busy getting laid this weekend by a big giant cock that I wasn't even home by my computer to renew my website!  wow!  Good for me!  haha!  And it was one fabulous lay too!  Well worth my site going offline for 48 hours.  I am back in action though, back up!

Mistress Samantha

This is one of my ALL time favorite cum shot clips!

Biggest cum in the world -

I want you to eat it ALL up!   Wow!  Hot sticky sperm!


I posted a new pic in a newly created page today, called CBT.  Cock and Ball Torture!  I have always enjoyed this type of call......mostly because the guys who call me for it, are severely into it!  And anytime someone is really into something, it's a huge turn-on for ME!  Check out the page up top, and stop starring at my tits!


I'm in a very horny, demanding mood.....demanding in the sense of I desire some ORAL WORSHIP!  These lips, on your face!  my my my.


Nite Flirt

"Samantha Evans has been a member since 10/09/2001".

wow, that's a long time!

Check out my Nite Flirt page, and they payment and call options that I offer!


I think even *I* find this shot hot..........lips on the red couch, with a slave at my feet....makes me wanna me licked....and licked....and licked. mmmmm

Sole Proprietor

I've been receiving some good feedback on my new website/blog here.  My callers appreciate the fact that I'm not some large organization.  I'm just a woman running her own gig.  I've always done it that way!  You call my line (and if I'm home, haha), you get ME!  I answer, I take your information for payment.....and if I already have it, I just start the call.  Yes, just me, no middle "men". 

So all you whores, I'm glad you like it. 

Mistress Samantha


I'm in the mood for a good ASS licking.....and ASS sitting.  Adore it!


I just received an email from a little Piggy who wants to buy me this dress -

Do it piggy!  Send me my money to "The Dress Fund" clicking here.  $65 payment!

My Site

I'm kind of heartbroken that my site was hacked, and that I have now deleted the ENTIRE site, but now maybe I'll get into blogging more, and visit HERE more often with posts and pictures!  Maybe.  ;)

Slave Scott

Slave Scott Enjoys this pic the most!  I'm in a phone session right now with him, and he's such a drooler!!  hahaha

Wipe that mouth!  And get in those pampers, handcuffs and high heels.....and get ready for your kinky whipping and stripping AND PAMPER PATTING!  pat pat pat pat 

My Website

Hi there, it's Mistress Samantha.  If you haven't noticed yet, my main website is gone.  I had some sort of weird Malware attack, and so I just deleted it!  Yeah, I know, I probably could have done something other than that, but I was sick of it anyway.  I'll be working on a new one soon, or maybe I'll just exist in my blog here.  You can however get back to the old, old site, via the link up above.  Calls are still the same, you can hopefully still reach me! I'm also having a few telephone issues too, because I made some changes there (website unrelated).  Hopefully you can get through, because the lines ARE still up.....but just acting UP!

Strong Women

Rule the world!

Worshiping Bulletin - from a French slave

This is good stuff.  A little French slave of mine just emailed me his first published "Worshiping Bulletin".


As YOU know, i love to worshipp YOUR PERFECTION.
YOU know well that i masturbate a lot for YOU, i can't help it. But i also punish those loser balls for YOU as well!
To keep with those important practices and to keep YOU informed about it, i though i could prepare a report.

Here is the first issue of the Worshipping Bulletin of Goddess Samantha's French Slave (WBGSFS # 1).
i thought that such a format would help to emphasize the devotion YOU inspire to losers like me.
It is dedicated to celebrate YOUR POWER and PERFECTION!
It could become a weekly bulletin, what do YOU think GODDESS?
If YOU like the idea, i will run it as such!

New Sexy Pics

I know you all like new pics of me, so here's a new one for ya! So Red, So I also know there's lots of you naughty little masturbators out there who just look at my site, and jerk it. Tsk Tsk Tsk, naughty naughty sluts you are! You need to call me up, and do a session......and pay tribute to all that I offer. ;)

Mistress Samantha


New Blog

Hi there, Mistress Samantha here.  So I'm trying out a new Blog....something that will make it easier for me to update.  Something that will have me posting more, and keeping in touch with my callers.  I hope you like it!  I think I already to.  I like the idea of it being more picture friendly too!

I will be adding more stuff weekly, maybe even daily :gasp:!

Mistress Samantha

Money Slaves

Domiance Defined: dominance power and influence over others. 

A powerful and intelligent woman should be worshiped and supported. A woman who not only knows of her own personal presence, but also, knows of her power over her audience and those around her, should be pampered. Who, shall I ask, is around me here, here in this online venue of sex and seduction? You, the slave, the Sissy Slut, the loser who wants to please the strong, Dominant Mistress.  You crave to support me. You are controlled by that worthless little cock, and the cock loves me and wants to obey me. You're a weak idiot, and well......I should benefit from that said fact!

MMMM gotta love weak men with big wallets! Or, better yet, losers that lose control of their little wallets! Or, losers with little dicks and big wallets! OR, little dick losers with nothing to give, but still do! hahaha! Come here Little Dick Loser because you are here, on this site, you should pay. Because you are here, on this site, and reading what I wrote, and being a whore with a little hard-on between your legs, while maybe you should be doing something else more productive, YOU should pay!  Find my NiteFlirt Payment buttons below.  I know you have an account there, and probably have for years.  Dirty Pervert!

$25 Payment
$50 Payment
$75 Payment
$100 Payment

Ass Virgins

For me, it all started with using a finger or two in a mans ass, rubbing inside and finding that sensitive spot.  I would do it while jerking him off with my other hand.  Fingering and Jerking, and knowing how hard it was going to make him cum.  That hard cum was the point of pure enjoyment, me controlling the show and bringing him to ecstasy.  I think that's what divides the Dominant and the submissive, some girls just like to drive. 

So, why call this area Ass Virgins?  Well, one of my most favorite calls are when new callers claim they've never had anything up there.  I, of course, will then will help them explore whats deep inside.  I love to make them get on their knees with their head down in the pillow, arch their backs and stick that ass out.  I like for them to lube up a finger and slip it in, reaching in deep, pressing down behind the balls.....and finding that spot that'll have that dick dripping in minutes.  Mmm, gotta love an Ass Virgin.

I also like it when they find toys around the house - hair brush handles, screw driver handles, plunger handles (lol), metal cylinders, ect ect.  Whatever can be found.  I even had callers use pens.  It's all good fun breaking in that ass and making it mine.  


Toll Free Call

$1.99 per minute
$3.00 International (including Canada)* 
10 Minute Minimums

All Major Credit Cards Accepted
Calls approved over the phone with Mistress Samantha