I think even *I* find this shot hot..........lips on the red couch, with a slave at my feet....makes me wanna me licked....and licked....and licked. mmmmm

Sole Proprietor

I've been receiving some good feedback on my new website/blog here.  My callers appreciate the fact that I'm not some large organization.  I'm just a woman running her own gig.  I've always done it that way!  You call my line (and if I'm home, haha), you get ME!  I answer, I take your information for payment.....and if I already have it, I just start the call.  Yes, just me, no middle "men". 

So all you whores, I'm glad you like it. 

Mistress Samantha


I'm in the mood for a good ASS licking.....and ASS sitting.  Adore it!


I just received an email from a little Piggy who wants to buy me this dress - http://www.yandy.com/Sensuous-Strappy-Back-Dress.php

Do it piggy!  Send me my money to "The Dress Fund"....by clicking here.  $65 payment!

My Site

I'm kind of heartbroken that my site was hacked, and that I have now deleted the ENTIRE site, but now maybe I'll get into blogging more, and visit HERE more often with posts and pictures!  Maybe.  ;)

Slave Scott

Slave Scott Enjoys this pic the most!  I'm in a phone session right now with him, and he's such a drooler!!  hahaha

Wipe that mouth!  And get in those pampers, handcuffs and high heels.....and get ready for your kinky whipping and stripping AND PAMPER PATTING!  pat pat pat pat 

My Website

Hi there, it's Mistress Samantha.  If you haven't noticed yet, my main website is gone.  I had some sort of weird Malware attack, and so I just deleted it!  Yeah, I know, I probably could have done something other than that, but I was sick of it anyway.  I'll be working on a new one soon, or maybe I'll just exist in my blog here.  You can however get back to the old, old site, via the link up above.  Calls are still the same, you can hopefully still reach me! I'm also having a few telephone issues too, because I made some changes there (website unrelated).  Hopefully you can get through, because the lines ARE still up.....but just acting UP!

Strong Women

Rule the world!

Worshiping Bulletin - from a French slave

This is good stuff.  A little French slave of mine just emailed me his first published "Worshiping Bulletin".


As YOU know, i love to worshipp YOUR PERFECTION.
YOU know well that i masturbate a lot for YOU, i can't help it. But i also punish those loser balls for YOU as well!
To keep with those important practices and to keep YOU informed about it, i though i could prepare a report.

Here is the first issue of the Worshipping Bulletin of Goddess Samantha's French Slave (WBGSFS # 1).
i thought that such a format would help to emphasize the devotion YOU inspire to losers like me.
It is dedicated to celebrate YOUR POWER and PERFECTION!
It could become a weekly bulletin, what do YOU think GODDESS?
If YOU like the idea, i will run it as such!

New Sexy Pics

I know you all like new pics of me, so here's a new one for ya! So Red, So Sexy......no? I also know there's lots of you naughty little masturbators out there who just look at my site, and jerk it. Tsk Tsk Tsk, naughty naughty sluts you are! You need to call me up, and do a session......and pay tribute to all that I offer. ;)

Mistress Samantha


New Blog

Hi there, Mistress Samantha here.  So I'm trying out a new Blog....something that will make it easier for me to update.  Something that will have me posting more, and keeping in touch with my callers.  I hope you like it!  I think I already to.  I like the idea of it being more picture friendly too!

I will be adding more stuff weekly, maybe even daily :gasp:!

Mistress Samantha

Money Slaves

Domiance Defined: dominance power and influence over others. 

A powerful and intelligent woman should be worshiped and supported. A woman who not only knows of her own personal presence, but also, knows of her power over her audience and those around her, should be pampered. Who, shall I ask, is around me here, here in this online venue of sex and seduction? You, the slave, the Sissy Slut, the loser who wants to please the strong, Dominant Mistress.  You crave to support me. You are controlled by that worthless little cock, and the cock loves me and wants to obey me. You're a weak idiot, and well......I should benefit from that said fact!

MMMM gotta love weak men with big wallets! Or, better yet, losers that lose control of their little wallets! Or, losers with little dicks and big wallets! OR, little dick losers with nothing to give, but still do! hahaha! Come here Little Dick Loser because you are here, on this site, you should pay. Because you are here, on this site, and reading what I wrote, and being a whore with a little hard-on between your legs, while maybe you should be doing something else more productive, YOU should pay!  Find my NiteFlirt Payment buttons below.  I know you have an account there, and probably have for years.  Dirty Pervert!

$25 Payment
$50 Payment
$75 Payment
$100 Payment

Ass Virgins

For me, it all started with using a finger or two in a mans ass, rubbing inside and finding that sensitive spot.  I would do it while jerking him off with my other hand.  Fingering and Jerking, and knowing how hard it was going to make him cum.  That hard cum was the point of pure enjoyment, me controlling the show and bringing him to ecstasy.  I think that's what divides the Dominant and the submissive, some girls just like to drive. 

So, why call this area Ass Virgins?  Well, one of my most favorite calls are when new callers claim they've never had anything up there.  I, of course, will then will help them explore whats deep inside.  I love to make them get on their knees with their head down in the pillow, arch their backs and stick that ass out.  I like for them to lube up a finger and slip it in, reaching in deep, pressing down behind the balls.....and finding that spot that'll have that dick dripping in minutes.  Mmm, gotta love an Ass Virgin.

I also like it when they find toys around the house - hair brush handles, screw driver handles, plunger handles (lol), metal cylinders, ect ect.  Whatever can be found.  I even had callers use pens.  It's all good fun breaking in that ass and making it mine.  


Toll Free Call

$1.99 per minute
$3.00 International (including Canada)* 
10 Minute Minimums

All Major Credit Cards Accepted
Calls approved over the phone with Mistress Samantha

Aroma Worship

When you think of worshiping a woman, a strong woman, a sexy woman, you dream of that universe between her legs. You may dine with her, wondering how she may look, what kind of lips, how she might smell, if she shaves, what kind of panties, ect ect. You crave to inhale her, feel her, taste her. Your thirst to orally service, and reside in her scent, becomes overwhelming. I like you in that place.The most absolute perfect place in the world, right now, would find you down on your knees, with your face pressed deep between my thighs sniffing at my delicious mound and ass, while drooling for my gorgeous wet pussy. An aroma worshiping little pussy sniffer you are. Breathe it in deep, inhale me, taste me, crave me. You just love the smell of this hot little snatch, don't you? The smell of Sex. The scent of your Mistress.......a sexy Lady who demands your oral services. Right now, you shall only sniff me. Your nose being used as the instrument of desire and pleasure. Inhale deep, thru your snout against my sexy delicate panties....and forever remember this amazing musky perfume of mine.

Toll Free Call

$1.99 per minute
$3.00 International (including Canada)* 
10 Minute Minimums

All Major Credit Cards Accepted
Calls approved over the phone with Mistress Samantha

The Cuckold

I am Me. Beautiful. Tall. Sexy. Strong. And also, most definitely, Dominant. You cater to my every whim. You support me. I pay nothing. I live a life of pampering and expensive gifts. You are weak by my beauty, and give me all. I decide I want a lover. I want another man to fuck me, and pleasure me....and you've no choice but to allow me. Maybe, it's your small pathetic 3" cock, that does not give to me the pleasures that I need, and that is responsible for my need to cheat - and find my orgasms elsewhere. You, are not allowed to cheat, you will stay faithful. You will be locked up maybe, even. You even possibly drive me to where I need to go. Or you may even help me get dressed. You'll lay out my clothes, iron whatever needs to be ironed. You'll watch as I put on my make up, wearing only my panties, garter belt, thigh highs and lacy bra. I'll look incredibly hot and sexy, and you will know all of this will be for another man. I will go see my lover, and I might even take you. I'll bring you along to watch your beautiful wife get pounded by his thick hard cock. With it plunging deep inside my moist pussy. If you're lucky, I might even have you clean me out, licking his hot cum from my juicy cunt.

Mmmm, it could even turn a different way, where you're left home alone, all tied up...laying spread eagle on the bed, waiting for when I come home.  I'll be gone for hours, you'll hear the door open, I'll climb up on top of your face, wearing just a skirt, with no panties, running my dripping pussy lips all over your lips, having you clean the hot cum from my pussy. Or, you could be the fluffer, I'll bring you along and have you suck his prick until it's hard, and ready for me to ride. Mmmm, lots of things we can do, to keep you in your Cuckold Fantasy.  All of this can be done with a mutual agreement, or I can be a spoiled little princess, and care nothing for your feelings. I also love the idea of locking you up in chastity, with me holding the key around my neck, laying between my breasts, only letting you out when I so choose to.  Letting you out maybe to lightly touch yourself, then have you pack it away, not allowing an orgasm.