Aroma Worship

When you think of worshiping a woman, a strong woman, a sexy woman, you dream of that universe between her legs. You may dine with her, wondering how she may look, what kind of lips, how she might smell, if she shaves, what kind of panties, ect ect. You crave to inhale her, feel her, taste her. Your thirst to orally service, and reside in her scent, becomes overwhelming. I like you in that place.The most absolute perfect place in the world, right now, would find you down on your knees, with your face pressed deep between my thighs sniffing at my delicious mound and ass, while drooling for my gorgeous wet pussy. An aroma worshiping little pussy sniffer you are. Breathe it in deep, inhale me, taste me, crave me. You just love the smell of this hot little snatch, don't you? The smell of Sex. The scent of your Mistress.......a sexy Lady who demands your oral services. Right now, you shall only sniff me. Your nose being used as the instrument of desire and pleasure. Inhale deep, thru your snout against my sexy delicate panties....and forever remember this amazing musky perfume of mine.

Toll Free Call

$1.99 per minute
$3.00 International (including Canada)* 
10 Minute Minimums

All Major Credit Cards Accepted
Calls approved over the phone with Mistress Samantha

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