Ass Virgins

For me, it all started with using a finger or two in a mans ass, rubbing inside and finding that sensitive spot.  I would do it while jerking him off with my other hand.  Fingering and Jerking, and knowing how hard it was going to make him cum.  That hard cum was the point of pure enjoyment, me controlling the show and bringing him to ecstasy.  I think that's what divides the Dominant and the submissive, some girls just like to drive. 

So, why call this area Ass Virgins?  Well, one of my most favorite calls are when new callers claim they've never had anything up there.  I, of course, will then will help them explore whats deep inside.  I love to make them get on their knees with their head down in the pillow, arch their backs and stick that ass out.  I like for them to lube up a finger and slip it in, reaching in deep, pressing down behind the balls.....and finding that spot that'll have that dick dripping in minutes.  Mmm, gotta love an Ass Virgin.

I also like it when they find toys around the house - hair brush handles, screw driver handles, plunger handles (lol), metal cylinders, ect ect.  Whatever can be found.  I even had callers use pens.  It's all good fun breaking in that ass and making it mine.  


Toll Free Call

$1.99 per minute
$3.00 International (including Canada)* 
10 Minute Minimums

All Major Credit Cards Accepted
Calls approved over the phone with Mistress Samantha

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