Money Slaves

Domiance Defined: dominance power and influence over others. 

A powerful and intelligent woman should be worshiped and supported. A woman who not only knows of her own personal presence, but also, knows of her power over her audience and those around her, should be pampered. Who, shall I ask, is around me here, here in this online venue of sex and seduction? You, the slave, the Sissy Slut, the loser who wants to please the strong, Dominant Mistress.  You crave to support me. You are controlled by that worthless little cock, and the cock loves me and wants to obey me. You're a weak idiot, and well......I should benefit from that said fact!

MMMM gotta love weak men with big wallets! Or, better yet, losers that lose control of their little wallets! Or, losers with little dicks and big wallets! OR, little dick losers with nothing to give, but still do! hahaha! Come here Little Dick Loser because you are here, on this site, you should pay. Because you are here, on this site, and reading what I wrote, and being a whore with a little hard-on between your legs, while maybe you should be doing something else more productive, YOU should pay!  Find my NiteFlirt Payment buttons below.  I know you have an account there, and probably have for years.  Dirty Pervert!

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