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Hi there, it's Mistress Samantha.  If you haven't noticed yet, my main website is gone.  I had some sort of weird Malware attack, and so I just deleted it!  Yeah, I know, I probably could have done something other than that, but I was sick of it anyway.  I'll be working on a new one soon, or maybe I'll just exist in my blog here.  You can however get back to the old, old site, via the link up above.  Calls are still the same, you can hopefully still reach me! I'm also having a few telephone issues too, because I made some changes there (website unrelated).  Hopefully you can get through, because the lines ARE still up.....but just acting UP!

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Anonymous said...

Hi MIstress Samantha? what is your email? im hoping I can call later on tonight. I have never did a call before and im kind of nervous. hope to talk to you soon! thanks