The Cuckold

I am Me. Beautiful. Tall. Sexy. Strong. And also, most definitely, Dominant. You cater to my every whim. You support me. I pay nothing. I live a life of pampering and expensive gifts. You are weak by my beauty, and give me all. I decide I want a lover. I want another man to fuck me, and pleasure me....and you've no choice but to allow me. Maybe, it's your small pathetic 3" cock, that does not give to me the pleasures that I need, and that is responsible for my need to cheat - and find my orgasms elsewhere. You, are not allowed to cheat, you will stay faithful. You will be locked up maybe, even. You even possibly drive me to where I need to go. Or you may even help me get dressed. You'll lay out my clothes, iron whatever needs to be ironed. You'll watch as I put on my make up, wearing only my panties, garter belt, thigh highs and lacy bra. I'll look incredibly hot and sexy, and you will know all of this will be for another man. I will go see my lover, and I might even take you. I'll bring you along to watch your beautiful wife get pounded by his thick hard cock. With it plunging deep inside my moist pussy. If you're lucky, I might even have you clean me out, licking his hot cum from my juicy cunt.

Mmmm, it could even turn a different way, where you're left home alone, all tied up...laying spread eagle on the bed, waiting for when I come home.  I'll be gone for hours, you'll hear the door open, I'll climb up on top of your face, wearing just a skirt, with no panties, running my dripping pussy lips all over your lips, having you clean the hot cum from my pussy. Or, you could be the fluffer, I'll bring you along and have you suck his prick until it's hard, and ready for me to ride. Mmmm, lots of things we can do, to keep you in your Cuckold Fantasy.  All of this can be done with a mutual agreement, or I can be a spoiled little princess, and care nothing for your feelings. I also love the idea of locking you up in chastity, with me holding the key around my neck, laying between my breasts, only letting you out when I so choose to.  Letting you out maybe to lightly touch yourself, then have you pack it away, not allowing an orgasm.  

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