This is one of my ALL time favorite cum shot clips!

Biggest cum in the world -

I want you to eat it ALL up!   Wow!  Hot sticky sperm!


I posted a new pic in a newly created page today, called CBT.  Cock and Ball Torture!  I have always enjoyed this type of call......mostly because the guys who call me for it, are severely into it!  And anytime someone is really into something, it's a huge turn-on for ME!  Check out the page up top, and stop starring at my tits!


I'm in a very horny, demanding mood.....demanding in the sense of I desire some ORAL WORSHIP!  These lips, on your face!  my my my.


Nite Flirt

"Samantha Evans has been a member since 10/09/2001".

wow, that's a long time!

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