Pantyhose, for slutty Katherine!

Katherine, because I'm so proud of your buying new blue panties, and stockings, THIS picture is for you!

Nite Flirt

I have several recordings on Nite Flirt, if you happen to be a member.  This recording is my top listened to.  Hmmm,'s about eating your own cum!

Have a little listen, cum whore!

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Happy rainy Monday least it's rainy here, where I live!

Here's some hot snatch to worship and dream about.  To admire and desire.  Full service is always appreciated (and expected).

Call me up, and lets chat.  ;-)

Mistress Samantha


Jilly used to be a caller of mine, and he sent me one of my absolute favorite pictures!  I'm sharing because *I* find it HOT!  He came in his panties........that dirty whore!  What a MESS!

Hot Pussy

My Site was DOWN

Yes, my website was down this weekend.....for I forgot to renew my domain name!  I was too busy getting laid this weekend by a big giant cock that I wasn't even home by my computer to renew my website!  wow!  Good for me!  haha!  And it was one fabulous lay too!  Well worth my site going offline for 48 hours.  I am back in action though, back up!

Mistress Samantha