I love the idea of you going out on a hot date, and it turns out she's got herself a sexy cock between her legs! Oh what a surprise that'd turn out to be! I think it'd be even more sexy if say.....I knew her, and I set you up on the date....and I knew the evening would end-up with you and your slutty little lips wrapped around her gorgeous shaft! I don't believe you'd be able to resist that luscious cock beneath her sexy lace panties. You'll see her garter belt and black lace thigh-highs peaking out from under that short skirt, and then as you slide your fingers underneath and up her thigh you're greeted with a fat throbbing shaft, dripping wet with anticipation, creating a big wet spot in her panties! Aaaah, yes, you'd be on your knees begging for her to fuck your face, and then maybe even slip it in your horny little pussy, you know she'll want access to that tight hole!

I know a lot of my callers LOVE Trannys, and so do I! I'm a lover of cock, and while I prefer it on a man, finding a hot dick on a hot lady is second best in my book! Check out this's free little movies! (thanks Peter for the link)

Go watch them, and call me to finish the fantasy/job. heh heh

And another that I just came across

Stroking for me

Summertime, I believe, brings out some extra horniness, doesn't it?  All you dirty little stoker boys calling me up, with your hands on your cocks........hungry and ready to blow off a big load.  I still love to hear you cum.  I still love to make you cum.

Who is feeling naughty today?   Hmmmm?

Rules of Slave Etiquette

Rules of Slave Etiquette:

1. Listen to the Lady
2. Obey the Lady.
3. Use all your physical and mental capacity in the service of the Lady.
4. Be happy in your work. Do whatever the Lady asks with joy in your heart.
5. Be patient. It is the Lady's perogative to keep you waiting.
6. Be humble.
7. Do not try to manipulate the Lady.
8. Do not bother the Lady unnecessarily.
9. Speak honestly and from the heart.
10. Be realistic.
11. Be truly submissive! Let the Lady take you over completely.
12. Be Loyal and Dependable.
13. Always offer your services if you can be of help.
14. Try not to draw attention to yourself.
15. Be Polite and Courteous.
16. Hold your temper and your tongue.
17. Do not neglect your Lady; slaves are there to provide amusement and interesting conversation for the Lady.
18. Be honest when you have done something to be ashamed of.
19. Take Your punishment.
20. Lady is First, Last and always your main focus!