Rules of Slave Etiquette

Rules of Slave Etiquette:

1. Listen to the Lady
2. Obey the Lady.
3. Use all your physical and mental capacity in the service of the Lady.
4. Be happy in your work. Do whatever the Lady asks with joy in your heart.
5. Be patient. It is the Lady's perogative to keep you waiting.
6. Be humble.
7. Do not try to manipulate the Lady.
8. Do not bother the Lady unnecessarily.
9. Speak honestly and from the heart.
10. Be realistic.
11. Be truly submissive! Let the Lady take you over completely.
12. Be Loyal and Dependable.
13. Always offer your services if you can be of help.
14. Try not to draw attention to yourself.
15. Be Polite and Courteous.
16. Hold your temper and your tongue.
17. Do not neglect your Lady; slaves are there to provide amusement and interesting conversation for the Lady.
18. Be honest when you have done something to be ashamed of.
19. Take Your punishment.
20. Lady is First, Last and always your main focus!

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Anonymous said...

To be your slave would be the greatest honour that could be bestowed on me. The rules you have outlined are words to live by. Thank you Mistress. You are so beautiful.