The I.R.S.

Hi there, as I was just telling my Norway Slave, it seems I've created a $2500 IRS bill, and I'm creating a post about it for an obvious reason........I want help in paying it.  We can't have me going to jail now, can we!  haha, NO, that's MY fantasy for you sluts, not ME!  You should be the ones bent over in jail, not me.  Silly, yes.

Anyway, like a good Domme and strict Mistress, I'm taking donations to pay off my bill.  Click the links below to be taken to my own merchant account, that I've had now for 13 years.  It's safe, it's secure, it's discreet, and it'll help ME bigtime!

And, if you prefer to only make Nite Flirt payments, go to my tributes page here.


Anonymous said...

Mistress Samantha. I'd live to make a donation as I should. But can I send payment via PAYPAL

Mistress Samantha said...

Yes, you can send Paypal payments using the email -