The Worthless Penis

As I've said before, I've been taking phone calls for almost 15 years now, and I know the purpose I serve.  I know of the dismay, the kink, the horniness..........and the dysfunction.   This is an essay from a long time caller of mine:

Dearest Samantha,

You have been the object of my lust for years now, and I soak in the glory of having my entire sexual identity dominated by your command. We have discussed that I am an inferior male. While my body is tall,  muscular and tight, there is a defect. My reproductive system is a colossal failure -- a rejection by nature of my genes. It is a message and a command that I not reproduce. I must wear the recognition with shame between my legs.

And I've come to be tickled at the idea. It makes me so horny to know my place. To be safe from jockeying with the alpha males. My time and energies are much better spent socializing with women and leaving the fucking up to alpha males. For you, mistress, there is a different affection. I owe you the gratitude of giving me your attention
woman with your sex appeal --- those long legs and slippery parts all glistening -- is to be worshipped by many men.

I used to dabble in this fantasy, until I learned that I have hypospadias -- a dysfunctional penis hole on the underside of the head. It happens in about one in 200 men. The urine dribbles out. So does semen.

Now this alone would be bad enough, but it's in addition to a trifecta of inferior maleness: a small penis, tiny testicles and watery semen. It's just science. Nature doesn't want my genes to continue. It has effectively castrated me.
t's a blow to the ego. I can see why people seek out sensual domination when they finally come to the realization that they are not fit for sexual intercourse. They want a soft coach to tell them, "It's OK to be horny, just not with anyone else. Help society by draining yourself. Let my hand guide yours up and down the shaft. Go ahead. Get. AaaLLLLLLL of it out. Do it for me. Gooood boy!"

12:03 AMThat's what inferior men seek. And it makes sense. It just occurred to me that I accept myself as one of those people. I officially give up on ever trying to fuck anyone. And I do it for my mistress. I feel a pride like reverence or patriotism when I drain myself for you, abiding by the rule that not all men can pass along their chromosomes for another generation. Some must recognize their place. They must resign from sex pridefully and for the good of mankind.

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