Hot Pussy

The good slaves knows how to please his Mistress.  On his knees, face buried in her beautiful mound.  His only goal is to lick and serve.  His orgasm is not of importance, only her pleasure is.  Are you a good slave?  Do you desire to place your face between the thighs of your Dominant Woman?  Mmmmm.

Hot Cumming Cock

I came across this video this evening, and find it incredibly sexy!  It's of a cock cumming, and some ass play....


Mistress Samantha


Hi there, heads up, I will be on vacation and unavailable for calls from September 25th, till October 7th.  Talk to ya soon!

Oh, and if you miss my voice you can listen to some of my older Nite Flirt Recordings

Mistress Samantha


It's my Birthday today.  Wish me a Happy Birthday!  Email me, IM me, or Gift me! 

Mistress Samantha

Oral Worshipper

Oh, it's that time of year when the phone lines get super slow.  All you whores are busy busy with your last few weeks of summer.  Dealing with your families, and your vacations.  Such a shame.  No matter what you're all up to, this Pussy Still Needs Attention!

Backpage Slut

I'm currently talking to one of my phone sluts, who almost had a meeting today with an escort that he found on Backpage.  Too bad he was canceled on, the escort couldn't get a ride to his hotel!  hahahaha.  Poor loser, his dick is throbbing.  Now he's going to give me his hot load of sperm, I'll take it, and he'll eat it!'s better this way anyway....because I own his little slutty ass!

Ass For Whore Mike

I'm on the phone with slutty whore Mike....he's talking about my ass.  He's talking how much he loves my ass.  Soooo, here's a teasing picture, so he can stroke that little dick of his, and squirt while he views my perfect ASS!

Ha!  The pathetic whore squirted his load before I could even get this picture up in my blog.  Now that was funny!  


I sadly feel as though I haven't been gifted much lately.  Soooooo....I'm thinking you need to click this link to Amazon and fix that situation.

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The Tuesday Tease

Have you been waiting for this?  ;)

Lucky Lady!

I bet you wish you were her, don't you? Lots of hot cock choices right in her face!

Listen to a One Sided - 10 Min Phone Session

Oh, and it's of course My side, not his! ;-)