A Note From A Current Slave


i'm having training from Mistress Samantha with a series of short calls. i don't know when i will have to do something new or when the training will stop. Mistress Samantha is training me to drink pee and making sure i am not having any enjoyment in the training other than being under Her very strict control.  i've been wearing a butt plug all day, and have being drinking various things from prune juice, to water, ice tea and sodas. The prune juice and water has given me diarrhea and i must make frequent and urgent trips to the bathroom.  When i pee, i must save it in a glass to drink it as She commands. She is teaching me that i get nothing out of the training other than being under Her control. i am wearing a ClubFem chastity device with plastic barbs that doesn't allow me to even fantasize about Mistress Samantha. At one point She wouldn't even allow me to look at Her pictures and made me put Bengay on my privates to punish me for my erotic thoughts. She ordered me to continually drink pee as i write this.
    The training has not been fun at all today, especially after i have to continue even now when i'm no longer excited. my only reward has been that i must constantly think about Her and Her Dominance over me.  She truly has the body of a Goddess. Thinking about worshiping between Her legs and Her using me as Her slave and plaything forces me to continue obeying Her commands. i worry now because i don't know when She will decide that i've had enough. i already have spent over seven hours today under Her control, but because of Her Goddess Dominance i have no choice in things as must continue until She decides the training is over.  I'm bloated, my privates are aching from the Bengay, i have diarrhea, the butt plug doesn't allow me any position of comfort and i am still drinking pee as directed. i hope She is enjoying my weakness to Her strict dominance. i worry about how long this training session will last since Mistress Samantha know that i'm off work until noon tomorrow. That makes me very nervous.