Phyto Estrogen

Here you go sissy herbal phyto estorgen extract to add estrogen to your body.  Black Cohosh and Dong Quai are some of the main ingredients.  Maybe you'll grow breasts and shrink up that little clit, making it EVEN smaller than it is now!  haha



sissy donna said...

Mistress,Can You please tell me more about Phyto Estrogen and where i can get it? You say it might help me grow my sissy tits and shrink my little sissy clitty,and thats what i want to do! Maybe more men will pick me up and use me at the toilet glory hole.
Thank You so much.
sissy donna

Anonymous said...

Mistress Samantha I am still taking Black Cohash as you instructed me years ago. My little penis now looks like a clitty. When I have a organism I just squirt (dribble ) a small amount. I now have to sit when I have to
Pee. I would like to know we’re I can obtain the PhytonEstrogen to make me more of a sissy. I hope it will make me more of a sissy and give me sissy breasts and make me have a feminine body. I hope I can resume my sissy training with you. Please let me know what I must do to have sessions with you.Sincerly sissy penny

Unknown said...

Thank You Mistress Samantha , i truly enjoy being Your little cocksucking , cumswallowing litle clitty sissy bitch! Submissively Your sissy slave joanie