horny sissy

sissy has been extra horny lately, I'm thinkin.  she keeps calling me and wanting to be recorded playing with her little clit.  today she used a nice big dildo on that little pussy of hers! keep paying that sissy tax, sissy!

Live sissy session

I have been training sissy for several years now, to become a true sissy. Under my suggestions, she has been steadily taking black cohash and progest cream to help shrink and eliminant her little clitty. Here's a recent phone session. She pays me a sissy tax every time!


Here's an updated pic of her clitty.....I said it looks like an eyeball!

Lick it

Lick it, slut.  Get your face between my legs and slide that tongue from my clit to my ass, and eat me for hours. 

Jerk it off for Samantha Evans

Aaaah Summer is Here!

The Flu

Sorry I've haven't been around for phone calls this past week....I came down with the flu, holy crap just starting to finally feel better.  No worries though, I'll soon be back to my naughty ways.  xo

Mistress Samantha

From one of my slaves

Love these pics that one of my slaves sent me!  My property indeed!

Oral Service


Another update on Sissy

Nice job sissy, on my new heels and all your Amazon Gift Certs.....AND on becoming an even bigger sissy!

Sissy 2019

A new recording of a session I just had with sissy.....and her ongoing training to become a bigger and better sissy girl!