I've been doing CBT (cock and ball torture) calls for a VERY long time now.  This caller of mine here as been calling me for a VERY long time.  Today he surprised me with a cam session........he was all decorated with clothes pins, and ready to roll!  Then he brought out the Q-tip with Icy Hot!  ! 


Anonymous said...

I am so excited I must make a call. What a turn on, I can't believe how hard I am but will have to wait.

Anonymous said...

I had to punish my boyfriend. I saw this and loved it.
Except I made him shove 4 qtips in his dick.
Stretched his peehole open real good.
made him jack off with qtips in there.
next time he's bad its 5 qtips.
maybe i'll set them on fire too.
thanks for the idea.

Anonymous said...

5 qtips
they are sticking out his dick now
I'm going to make him jack off for me
I blindfolded him and made him go for a walk
he doesn't know he's jacking off in front of the window
I love his little show
time to light those qtips on fire
think i'll spray some hairspray on them first
this is a good punishment show

Mistress Samantha said...

Set them on fire, hahaha, I just saw this! Fun! ;-)

Mistress Samantha

Anonymous said...

5 qtips in his dick?
I'd like to see a picture of that
I think it is a good idea.
make him stuff q tips in his dick.
I love it.
post a picture of his dick for me.

Jeannie said...

This is great. I love this idea.
I saw this and punished my boyfriend that went to a strip club.
I told him its your turn to put on a show.
Shaved his dick and balls. Then I tied a ribbon around his balls with a bow.
One around his mushroom head dick.
Now, he's completely naked and I made him go to the sliding glass door.
Start stroking that dick and don't you dare stop.
I told him, you have 1 minute for someone to catch your show.
Nobody saw, so, I made him turn around to me.
Made him pull back on that mushroom head and open up that pee hole.
Make that peehole say ahhh.
And I stuck a Qtip in his dick.
Now turn back around and face your audience and stroke that dick.
Nobody saw him. So it was time for Qtip number 2.
By the time a neighbor walking by saw him, his shaved dick had 6 Qtips stuffed in it.
I'm going to make him call you Samantha sometime and see what you make him do.