A friend of mine recently asked me what I do while I'm on my calls. He wanted to know if I'm into what's being said, do I get off, or am I just sitting there reading a book or something? I thought that was rather funny, because really, saying what I say, and with the instructions that I give and the stories I create, I *have* to continue to pay attention, and also....and this is a big also....after 15 years of doing Phone Domination, I *have* to be into it! Any chick can sit there on the phone and moan and groan, pretending to touch herself or to be squirting and cumming all over some fat dildo that she's making believe is deep inside her hot dripping cunt. But me, no, I don't pretend to cum, and I don't have some giant cock shoved up inside of me pumping away as I gasp for air in my earth rattling orgasm. You might get lucky and I'll pull out my favorite bullet or something, but that'll only happen if I'm in the mood to play and cum, not because you want to hear it! Does that make me some sort of bitch? ha ha, Bitch no, but in control, yes, as a good Mistress should be.

So, where does my philosophy rest when it comes to sex via the telephone? I find it a huge necessity. I believe I serve a purpose and a need. I offer the availability for my callers to explore their inner needs, their fantasies. I give to them the allowance to just let loose and examine the core of what it is that makes them tick sexually. I dig in deep in the psyche and I pull out those dirty little items that gets your dick rock hard and your load aplenty. I love what I do actually, and I do believe it shows. I kind of consider myself a sort of sex therapist as well.....and you have to care about your callers when you're there helping them on their sexual explorations. I enjoy the ride, and I'm glad I'm along for it.

And, so, to answer my friend - what do I do while I'm on my calls? I listen.


Anonymous said...

Samantha, You are Amazing at what you do!


Mistress Samantha said...

Well thanks Gary. And so I shouldn't quit anytime soon? ;)

Anonymous said...

Never quit, i've neen wanting to play with you for years, its just your usually not around when im around