Slave Stories

From Assboy:

Mistress Samantha:
Here is my story...
I have been a slave for approx. 20 years or more. It started when I first saw a girl at a massage parlor, she was very strict and bossy. When she told me to do something I said yes and she would say hurry. Next thing u know out of the blue, she spanked my ass. At first I jumped and said what then she said u want me happy right? I said yes so she continued to spank away. I soon realized I was rock hard & she just laughed at that part, which got me more excited. by the end of the session my ass cheeks were beat red & she only teased me without cumming at all. it made me want more and more and to be FULLY CONTROLLED. That was when I looked up dominate Mistresses and began serving them on a regular basis, but there was one I could never get enough of Mistress Cheyenne. After about 10 sessions with her she asked me to go to some play parties where they only invite serious slaves & her dominate mistress friends, these parties would last 6 to 8 hours & I was told that once you go in there is no way out. I wend thru so much one night from being forced to suck another mans cock to spankings, cropped, serious cbt, and then finally anally invaded by a group of 10 mistresses with small to very large strap-on's. They took turns for almost 2 hours, then one of them said Mistress Amy call up "Reggie" (he is a black slave of hers that was huge like a horse, no joke). He got there in about 30 mins and with my body over the leather covered wooden horse I was forced to get him rock hard and then take all of him up my ass, all while these 10 mistresses watched and laughed. I mean he did not hold back at all, talk about popping my cherry-ouch. I screamed my head off and all they did was shut up and put a gag in my mouth. the crazy part was i was seriously rock hard by making those MISTRESSES happy. They were so proud of me and how i pleased them that I became the slave they had to have at the play parties (which became free for me). After about 6 months of this Mistress Cheyenne said i want to you to be fully owned by me only, so come be my live in slave at my house. You will obey & please me always (no matter what). i was so excited, I said yes. So i slept on the floor of her bed, sometimes in a cage depending on her mood etc...I cleaned the house etc...After a few months she let me clean out her ass after going to the bathroom with my tongue ofcourse. I even dried her off after a shower usually. i so wanted to please her with hopes of being able to some day have sex with her maybe (?). Months and months went by and I was locked in a cock and ball cage which she kept the key, i honestly did not get to cum for over 6 weeks, no joke. At almost 1 year she said ok i will let you have sex with me and we did. But after that it was not the same for some reason? We ended up splitting up and going our separate ways. She is still a live dom and I am still a slave that wants to always please a Mistress and take her orders over anything else. i mean i do not get more excited then when a Mistress says do this NOW! taking to control out of my hands is so exciting and then not knowing what will happen etc...i will always be a slave no matter what happens period. i need to be controlled or i would get into trouble on a regular basis. i have always like when a Mistress sneaks up on me and say do this, do that....heart races with excitement and losing control..i now have a whole box of toys from a 13" long x 4" wide MASSIVE DILDO, shocking device to a penis hole plugger to a cock and ball cage that i must wear at all times. i am waiting to be branded again, as I was when I was a live in slave for Mistress Cheyenne (she put it in a place that no one sees, maybe the doc?, behind my ball sac & between my ass and balls.) The one i had has worn off, so i need a new one for sure to show ownership etc...
My goals is to ALWAYS please the MISTRESS in any way they see fit period. If that means no cumming then so be it, my pleasure is to see her happy!!!! This is a slave motto that all good slaves follow and will go the extra mile.
Over the years i have taken about 150 real live cocks, either from TS-girls, black guys, or guys my Mistresses have set up for me without my control. Now with cam's the Mistresses can control it all and dictate exactly what happens and when. In past i have had three real live cocks (1-TS and 2-large cocked black guys) at my hotel room door saying your Mistress sent us let's do it. Then she calls my cell and says you ready? I have been like do i have a choice? She said NO NON and i honestly became rock hard. Needless to say I was forced to take all of these cocks & their cum in that next hour or so. This is 100% real deal stuff. I do as told period!!
I want to impress the Mistress always. That is my pleasure....and maybe if i am lucky i will get to cum and hump the bed thinking about these nights, days, etc...
assboy (little boy toy)

PHOTOS: (hahaha, such a little ass faggot!)

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