Money Slaves

Dirty Money Whores! Beg me to take all of your hard-earned cash! You will be unable to resist my beauty and my power, as you beg me to take it all, leaving you with nothing. I adore little money sluts who feel the need to pass along their cash to me. And you'll do without anything in return. Only my scorn, you little sissy loser! You should be taxed!  Pay it!

Oh, if you're really lucky, I might tell you what I spent your money on. Beware, I have really expensive tastes and will demand more and more from you. I love watching little slut's bank accounts shrivel to the size of their puny little dick's while my bank account swells to the size of my studly lover's massive cock. You will fall under my spell and won't be able to resist sending me more.

You might have to sell your house, your car, liquidate your assets, in order to satisfy my growing desires. I am a selfish Goddess, deserving of everything this life has to offer, and your role is to make sure that I have all that I want, AND MORE! Most importantly, you can only dream of ever touching this body, caressing my skin, or inhaling the scent of my perfect mound. Even after giving me so much money, you'll never ever be allowed such pleasures. You will be raped of your cash and denied in all areas I see fit.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a sissy and I'm going to pay the sissy tax I have a 1.5 inch tinny Winnie and Mistress Samantha put my picture on her site. Can you guess which is the pic of me. I bet its the smallest one.

Mistress Samantha said...

Probably no doubt it's the smallest! Get busy and pay that Sissy Faggot Tax you small dicked whore!

Google said...

Hi sweety, ohhh Samatha lets screw together and make it come together 3 or 4 times.

I love you my swwet darling good friend.